“I have known and worked with Hyacinth Myers for over a decade.  Her innate Creativity- from being a published writer to her training in Jewellery design and Holistic health means she can adapt to different Professional demands”

(Joy Francis, Multiple Business Owner, Executive Director- Words of Colour Productions)

“I have known Sis Star Hyacinth for over 25 years.  In this time I have had the pleasure to wear and purchase her unique and inspiring pieces of Jewellery and witness the creative genius she has become”

(Talibah Stevenson, Entrepreneur- HoS)

“Hyacinth is a hard-working, persevering, courageous, beautiful woman who has a natural flare for creativity.  I have been extremely blessed and honoured to have known her for over 20years and received some of her high quality creations.  Keep up the good work.  God is shining down on you!”

(Karen Ross, Senior Management)

“I have known Hyacinth for over 20 years.  I find her to be a hard working person.  She is very trustworthy and thinks of other people.  I am glad to know her and have her as a friend”

(Marcia Dawkins- Business Owner)

Hyacinth has been consistent with her creations and continues to produce pieces of art that are unique and original.  Keep up the good work Hyacinth”

(Neferteri- Business Owner/ Creative Artist and Card Designer)